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Thank you Average Homeboys and Homegirls

For your Fan Mail! Keep it Hot!!! D.Blaze


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Hey Denny,
Since my girlfriend and I first discovered your Average Homeboy video,
we have been big fans of the original Average Homeboy.
Today, we found The Average Homeboy MOVIE and I can honestly say
this is the best blaze-u-mentary I have ever seen.
Just wanted you to know that we're inspired by you and your dedication
to following your dreams. 

Yo Denny,

I'm one of your fans, and I just wanted to say, I think you're the greatest rapper

that ever lived. No lie. At a time when people thought a white guy couldnt rap,

you stood up and told them: "we're all just trying to fight for our equal rights!"

and for that, I respect you. I like your music, but my number one favorite song

is Average Homeboy from your demo tape. I'm hoping you continue writing songs

and continue sending a message out to people. Again, thank you verymuch for

all that you have done. 

 Dear Denny,

I dig your stuff. It made my day seeing your video. Not in a “HA HA” way.

But in a I’m happy there are still people out there who are THEMSELVES!!!

Also it sure as heck beats all the “garbage rap” that’s out there now.

NEVER listen to the haters! Keep on Blazin!

Hello D.Blaze,

Every demographic needs a voice --

and yes, I totally relate to the Average Homeboy.

Average Homeboy Whats Up?

I just wanted you to know that you showed me through your videos

and songs that an average guy can be sucsessful. You rock!


much props, keep it blazin!
you are a funky inspiration!
don't follow the fakeness,
just be yourself
and they'll grab your cd off the shelf!

Dear Denny,

Your song is on my ipod. its really good stuff, peace.

Hey Denny,

I heard you on KROQ this morning. Congrats! I've been a fan
of your video for some time. I do give you mad props for
putting yourself out there. Not everyone has tens of thousands
of dollars to produce packaging material and graphic designs...
you are all substance and no hype. Keep fighting the good fight.

 Blazin, don't be so modest! You are way above average!

Hello Blazin Hazen,
I am from sweden. I really like your stuff...I am really blazed!

Hey Average Homeboy,

"Keep on Blazin! Congrats on making number 3 on Vh1!!
I love your videos. It just strengthens my belief in life about
how one should NEVER let go of thier dreams and goals.
For some it may be instant and for some never...yet for you,
though it took a long time to become reality, you stuck with it,
and eventually it came to surface. So what if you are just an
average white homeboy. We are all made equal and as there
is freedom of speech, there also is freedom to rap !!
Way to go!! All the way to the TOP! :)

Dear Denny Blaze,

I thought you'd like to know that I've just received word that

scientists have discovered the real cause of global warming:

The whole world has been BLAZED!

Hey Blazin Hazen,

Your style is amazing ... Full Respect from AUSTRALIA MATE.

Hey D Blaze!

I interned for Universal Records back in the Summer of
2002, and while wading through the thousands of demo
CD's, I came across the Blaze!

The disc had: "I want sunshine", "Hot like summer
daze", & "I'm the hottest". Anyway, I've BEEN down
with Denny Blaze for a while. I love it.

Denny- I follow the ABC's....Always Blazin' in Cali.

The UK is blazin for you! Everyone wants a piece of the average homeboy.

DUDE, you are soooo BLAZIN!!! I feel like so blazed
right now you have no Idea!!! I wish I had a bowl of
fruit loops right now so I can get FULLY BLAZED!!!
Then i'll go shoot some hoops with my other average
homeboyZ! keep the good beats rollin' and you'll be
hotter than a microwavable burrito! you prove that you
don't gotta be a gangster to kick down with phat beats!

Denny, I just got Blazed!!!!

Blazin Hazen, If I were any more blazed, I would blow up. I'd be all
over a Denny Blaze Tour Stop in Ontario

Yo Average homeboy... me and my buddie are huge fans
of you... Your not Sizzlin... ur Blazing..?We live in winnipeg.

Denny, I like what ur trying to market. keep it smooooth!

Denny Blazin Hazen, I am one of the trillions of people who saw your MTV
demo on-line! keep blazin!!!

Greetings from Iraq. Dude, your old school beats rock! Everyone here in
our office in Baghdad loves your 'Blazin Hazen' video.

Blaze, Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.
We recieved your demo, thanks again. We like how you just say what you want and dont try to "front."

That displays character and unyielding determination.
Qualities all Marines strive for. Semper fi

Hey D. Blaze...ur really cookin. ur music is sooo
great.. its got me BLAZED for sure.. i just want u to
know that i am your AVERAGE HOMEGIRL...i wanna ride
around with u in ur cadillac...and kno that u always
got my back..UR MY CADILLAC KING

Yo Blazin Hazen, I put "Average Homeboy" on my CAR!!! Hope you dig it!!!!

Dear Denny,
I wanted you to know that my friends and I have
recently named our dodgeball team after you. We are
the "average homeboys" and we sing your song during
warm up. keep up the amazing work!

Hey Denny Blaze,

Hi, I live in Australia. You're quite popular around
my school with your average white boy video clip,
around the school I can hear many people rapping it
and listening to it. What is funny is that two days
ago during the middle of the day on our school speaker
system some one got the microphone placed it next to a
computer and played your average white boy song for
the whole school to hear. My school has a studen't
population of 2.000, so I think every one at my school
has now heard it. So rock on!

Hi Blazin, You are our inspiration and keep us going in the cold nights. WE LOVE YOU!

Hey Denny,
Your the only man alive who is standing up for middle
America. Your songs, your messages are powerful! You
definitely represent middle America! Middle America
is the working class who takes personal responsibility
for themselves as well as for their family.

Hey Denny! What`s up?
I live in Germany..I just found your homepage and I
like your style! It`s very unique! I think the idea of
the "average homeboy" is quite clever and it`s good to
have some "normal" people in the game, you know what
I`m saying! Probably your first German fan.

D.Blaze, since you look like Christopher Reeves, they
should call you...Super Rapper!

Blazin Hazen!

Ive been spreading the word of Average Homeboy for well over a year in the UK.

Me and my mates Blaze it up all the time.
Keep the tunes legend!

Hi Denny,
I am from Canada and first heard Denny Blaze a couple
of weeks ago on the internet and found his rap to be
quite old school (which is a compliment) and raw.
Since I am a middle age guy there seems to be no hip
hop out there for my generation…until Denny. I too
am a average homeboy.

Blazin, You are living proof that with enough drive
and ambition, we can all make something
of ourselves, thanks.

Blazin Hazen,
You are the bomb! Keep rockin da hizzay! Your biggest fan!

Hello Average Homeboy,

I seriously can't eat a bowl of Froot Loops without
telling my wife that "I'm an average homeboy!"
Keep up the good work DBlaze!!

I really dig your sound man. Keep up the good work!
Your tracks are dope.

Dear Denny,

Greetings from England.
Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that
you're a fricken GENIUS. I love your stuff and am so
glad that internet has brought me and a whole world of
new listeners to your remarkable work.

Hey Denny Blaze,

I saw your video, heard most of your stuff, very
entertaining! Just wanted to drop you a line let you
know that I'm an average homeboy too!
Now I've gotta go back and cut my grass and eat my
froot loops! Just wanted to say love your music. Keep it up!

Average Homeboy,

Is it possible to get a Denny Blaze ring tone for my phone?

I Am Mesmerized! I have just been blazed. Dude, rock
on - I'm pulling for you to reach the stratosphere.

I just heard the interview you did the other day with the live remix of AH!

wow. You're real and I respect that so much.

Hey there Denny!!?
I work at a local internet company
here in Iowa. I’m totally floored at your music and
what you are doing!! Keep pumping out the jams. You
are kind of a big deal here in Iowa right now.

hey blaze, how can i get an autographed picture man? u
sound old skool, thats the best rap that has ever
been produced, its that laid back rap spittin style
that everyone can understand u know?

hey! man! i just wanted to say that i know that there
r a lot of people out there saying your a joke but
they're idiots!! you're just doing what ya love and
thats awesome because very few people get to do that!
take care and peace!

Hi. I just found your site and I must say your pure
genius. I connect to your lyrics- I also don't do
drugs or smoke crack. You're my new role model.

Senor Blazin' Hazen:
With the failure of my rap career, I ended up, of all
things, becoming a professor of theology.
Some day I will break out a rap in my classroom; or
maybe I should just feature yours!
You are taking up a great attitude to all this
attention. I'll follow your career and hope to see it
BLAZIN' for years to come!!

I stumbled across your websites, and I want to play
your music on my podcast. Also I'd like to get your CD and music videos!

All my friends and fellow fans of Denny...we call ourselves "The Average Blazers!"

Hey D.Blaze, your average homeboy video on YouTube is
Awesome!!!!! Thanks for reading my e-mail.

Dear Mr. Blaze,

Keep on rappin, aint nothin phazen blazen hazen keep those hands a razen.

Average Homeboy,

Keep on Keepin' On...Life's a Garden - Dig It. We're all just fightin' for our equal rights...
My exterminator is a can of Raid as well.

Hello Denny,

I really admire how you turned everybodys joke into a money maker. That is friggin awesome.

Sir Denny Blazin Hazen,
I would like to commemorate you on your advances
in the music business! You have a strong fan base
over here in MN, and I am very proud to say that my
friends and I make it a point to play your greatest hits
every time we party. You light up our lives, literally,
because we are all blazed. Turn It Around is my
personal favorite because it gives us an excuse
o rip up the dance floor with our strobe lights.
You are an inspiration to us average homepersons.
We love you Denny Blaze, keep making that sweet music!

Mr. Blaze,

Thank you for being a very nice man, way back when,

I was low in emotion, and I reached out to write to you some email

and you wound up sending me a free CD of yours, that helped me

so much in that time, and I just wanted to thank you again,

I'm pretty sure I thanked you back then, but just in case,

a reminder that I am greatful for you being kind.

Your music, your self, you add to this world in a positive way.


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